my take on a ring from a silver spoon

I started this ring with the end of a spoon handle that I found in our silver scraps pile. I liked the design on it, but I don't really like the whole "spoon ring that really looks like a spoon handle" thing. It's a good idea that's been done too much for me to get excited about it anymore, so I tried to give a slightly different spin on it.

I used a jewelers saw to cut it like so.

I heated those pieces until they were bright glowing orange then dropped them in ice water. This technique makes the silver much softer and easier to round out into a ring shape. Note that this technique does not work the same way for all metals! Some get harder when you flash cool them.

When I finally got the ring shaped, I wasn't paying attention to the solder I grabbed and I got the medium-temp solder and not the low-temp. This means I accidentally melted part of my ring trying to get the solder to melt. Oy. But after spending much more time filing than I wanted to, I fixed up my mistake and had myself a pretty neat ring that barely resembles a spoon ring! Aw yeah.

Glamor shots.


skulls, arrows, roses, a fox, a halo, and ropes

Made this for a friend's zine. It was inspired by St. Sebastian. Done with microns, Prismacolor markers, and patients. TOO MANY DOTS. I don't recommend pointilism if you're in a time crunch.


bite marks and cuts tutorial: halloween special effects makeup with liquid latex

Ahoy there. Since my boyfriend and I are going to be zombies this year for Halloween, I knew this would mean three things: 1) I was going to be responsible for costuming and 2) I'd need to make us look crazy bonkers which meant liquid latex wounds and 3) I was going to spend too much time doing all of this.

I can excuse #3 a little bit, because as a busy nursing student (I swear you guys, I'm working my metaphorical butt off here) I don't have much time to be creative anymore. True, I have exams to study for. Clinicals to attend. Patients to terrify. But dammit when I brought that bottle of liquid latex home....I had to play around with it and I figured I'd give you guys a little step-by-step tutorial on how I did what I did.

MATERIALS: See above. All of these are as cheap as I could get them, guys. The makeup brush and foundation were cheap drugstore brand things I had lying around. The black eyeliner pencil was a dollar. The green concealer stick was like two dollars that I'd had lying around from another adventure in costuming. The facepaints are also from the drugstore, because holy crap facepaint is expensive at a party supply store. Do yourself a favor and just buy drugstore stuff. If you're good and just need subtle color, you won't need any kind of professional grade opaque paint anyways. The fake blood is currently one dollar at RiteAid, so go go go if you want cheap fake blood. BEWARE, IT STAINS LIKE A MOTHERTRUCKER. If you don't want it to stain, put it OVER the liquid latex or OVER some heavy makeup. Good greif.  Lastly, the liquid latex. It was $20 for an 8oz bottle from the party supply store. You can find it cheaper online but I need this janx for Saturday so I don't have the luxury of hyper-frugality.  Anyways, on to the wounds!

.            B I T E  M A R K S            .

 I used my fingertip to dab on some latex. I did two layers of dabbing, and let them dry in between. I made the area in the middle where the teeth marks would be slightly more raised than the edges, which I tried to blend into my skin.

 I used the point of a letter opener (you could use a pencil tip, your fingernail, or anything relatively pointy that you can control) to push back areas of the latex while it was still somewhat wet. I pushed them back in curved areas to make it look like bite marks, and then used my fingertip to rub back some areas of the edges of the latex to look like blisters. This pulls at the babyfine hairs on your hand and feels like ripping off a bandaid...slowly. BEWARE HAIRY PEOPLE. DONT PUT LATEX ANYWHERE TOO HAIRY OR YOU'LL BE SORRY. Anyways, you'll notice the latex looks clear here, and that's how you can tell it's dry.

 For my next trick, the painting. Take your paints and go to town. First I applied some of that cheap foundation makeup on the main area of the bite because the latex looks a little different from real skin. Blend that in as well as you can, especially around the edges. I'm still only using my fingertip as a painting/application tool at this point, making sure to blend everything well. I used white, green, a little brown, and some yellow to create what you see so far.

 Now some detail work. Time to get out the tiny paintbrushes! For this layer of colors I used red, black, and some more brown. The darkest areas will create depth in your wound, and I'm sure you can see the difference between this and the shot beforehand. The fake blood is somewhat translucent, so make sure that you paint the areas dark that you want to have depth, because the blood won't really help create that effect by itself. It does a good job of looking gooey, though.

 You can see what I mean about the blood being somewhat translucent. I applied it with a paintbrush, and tried to make it look like the teeth had scraped downwards after biting. I then decided that I'd applied a little too much color beforehand, so I took a wet paper towel and dabbed the edges of the pale green/white areas to remove some of that intensity. The result was much more natural looking. If your wounds are starting to look too fake, try rinsing or dabbing off some of your color. That helped in both wounds I made tonight.

And here's the finished product! A zombie bite, a younger sibling bite, or a "so-hungry-I-tried-to-autocannibalize" bite.

 .            G A S H            .

 For the precursor to this picture, I applied two layers of liquid latex to my hand just as I did for the bite effect. You can't see it well in this picture, but in the next photo you can see that I dragged the pointy part of a letter opener through the wet areas of the latex  to create "scratches." Look for one above the main wound! When those two layers dried, I peeled them back (to make the big hole you see in the middle of the latex) and began shaping the gash.Now for your sculpting materials: tissue/toilet paper! Paint on a new layer of latex where you want more texture and press little pieces of torn up toilet or tissue paper into it. Pressing them into the latex will saturate them and you can go ahead and be creative and sculpt away! You can go as crazy as you want with this, I'm just trying to give you an example of the technique. If you like how it looks pressed in and sculpted, then let it dry and stop there. If you want it to look a little more smooth then paint on as many more layers of latex as your heart desires.

 This picture came out a little weird, but you get the idea. The toilet paper is white, so you'll need to cover it up with flesh tone or crazy makeup colors to make it blend in. Or not, and you can use the white to your advantage. Who am I to tell you how to art? NOBODY. Anyways, I painted the whole area with flesh toned foundation and blended in the edges.

 Quite a difference between these two pictures, eh? I used black, red, and some brown to give it depth and make it look fleshy underneath. I put the black closest to the edges that I wanted to look the deepest. I also put some red-pink around the edges of the wounds to make them look a little swollen and inflamed.

Here's the wound close up with blood added. In between this photo and the last I added white paint to make "tendons" which my logic tells me would be visible with such an injury. I went pretty light on the fake blood here.
And tada, the final product! SSsspooOoOoooKkkkKyyyYy.


it's a butt lol

I was sitting here trying to incorporate some new-found knowledge or wisdom I've acquired during my time in nursing school thus far into my little spiel about this drawing of a ladybutt. But (no pun intended) when it comes down to it, this is just a drawing of a butt. I've seen a lot of butts in my clinical experience thus far, but that doesn't have anything to do with anything. I just drew this because I wanted to draw a back but (trooololol no puns no puns I swear) I ended up liking this part of this particular drawing more than the back.

TL;DR: this is a ladybutt and that is all.

skull boy makeup...see me prepare for halloween

My friend was planning on running the Tough Mudder this past weekend, and asked me if I'd give him some war paint since dressing up was highly encouraged. We settled on Skull Boy, the guy who tattooed himself to look like a skeleton. He pretty cray, but he looks cool. He is pictured above with Lady Gaga, who happens to be sporting similar war paint.

I used $3 black and white cream facepaint (the kind on a crappy plastic pallate) from CVS and one stick of waterproof $3 N.Y.C. eyeliner. The results were solid. Below is my friend and I practicing the makeup the night before the Mudder on half his face, the finished results, and the finished-the-race results of what little was left of his makeup.

The areas left behind were mostly areas that I'd filled in using that waterproof eyeliner, which let me tell you was freaking industrial strength waterproof. He couldn't wash it off. He went to a nice dinner with smudges still on his face.This makeup was the gift that kept on giving.

For a Halloween party thing this weekend my boyfriend and I are going to be a zombie doctor and nurse. I am preparing to go bonkers with zombie makeup. JUST YOU WAIT FOR PIX.